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2 Things? More Like 10 Things We Will Miss About Johnnie Moore

Love others the way God has loved you. -Johnnie Moore

News is spreading fast about Johnnie Moore’s recent appointment as Chief of Staff to Mark Burnett, producer of Son of God, Survivor and other television series. He has been succeeded by Dr. David Nasser, notable author, speaker and pastor. After 12 years with Liberty University Johnnie’s departure will leave a deep hole- especially given his enthusiastic personality and affectionate rapport with the student body. 

Johnnie, you will be missed. Here are two things- no, ten things we will miss about you brother (some serious, some funny, all in love)

1) Your relationship with the student bodyjohnnie feature
Johnnie was quick to smile, joke or encourage the students of Liberty University. Through his comments at Convo, sermons at Campus Church and intentional involvement with the students immediately following the Annex shooting, Johnnie was always there to pour into the lives of his students. 

“My freshman year I literally almost bumped into him in Green Hall. He was carrying a brief case and looked like he was in a hurry, but when I said hi, he stopped to talk for a minute. He asked me what my name was, what I was studying, and how he could pray for me before he went on. I’ve always remembered that. He’s always been one of the most caring and genuine people in the LU Administration, and I will miss having him around.” -Sabrina Hardy; English, Graduate Student

2) Great Convo speakers
As VP for Communications, Johnnie scored big time with some awesome speakers for Convo. The range of speakers from different fields not only inspired students by their messages, but it encouraged students across the professional field to know that they can serve as advocates of the kingdom within their respective job fields. Not every institute can say they had Sarah Palin, Willie Robertson, John Piper, Christine Caine, Jefferson Bethke, Rand Paul, Jon Acuff, Ted Cruz, Josh McDowell, Clayton King Bob Goff and many more all within a single school year. 

“I love Johnnie, I really do. He’s quirky (a good quirky), and overall a funny warm person. To me, he always cared deeply about Liberty and its students and did his best to better both. Of course, his “okay guys, I have two announcements” thing will always make me laugh (to be honest, I can recall more times when the announcements number more than two), but that’s just who he was. Gonna miss having Johnnie at Liberty.” –Brandon Nicholas Mitchener; Junior, English 

johnnie fox3) Inspiration on Capitol Hill
Johnnie taught people what it meant to be courageous Christians. He was NOT silent regarding persecution against Christians in the Middle East. He served as an advocate for the persecuted Church a number of times to the Federal Government as well as international governments. Certainly the students and faculty of Liberty will note this heroic behavior and will aspire to reflect it. 

“Johnnie’s passion for us at Liberty is something that makes me want to stay and continue to learn, but his passion for the persecuted Church is what makes me want to take what I learned at LU and apply it in the world.” –Joshua Philip Smith; Senior, Pastoral Leadership

4) Your many “isms”
“Before I announce today’s speaker I have just two things…”
“Today’s speaker is among the most influential speakers in the world today!”
“I pray God gives you malaria!” (context; game show at a Christmas event, he in no way wishes this upon anyone!!!)

“One day in Israel he got on the bus and said ‘I just want to point out two things to you guys…’ and we all busted out laughing. He looked kinda confused, then said ‘you know, I never know all the ways you guys make fun of me until I innocently say something like that in Convo and the whole building laughs at me.'” –Kelly Gibbs; Sophomore, Undeclared (but most definitely a scholar in the works)

johnnie 25) Your willingness to take selfies with students!

“Never a better Dr. Who.” –Nick Henretty; Sophomore, Music

6) His commitment to LU
Johnnie has served with distinction at Liberty University, for twelve years now as a campus pastor, professor and advocate in mainstream media. Johnnie has taken the dream of Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. and bolstered it to the world. He has exemplified what it means to be a champion for Christ and to practice the work of the Great Commission.

“I love how involved he was with the students and how much he loved then. He was one of the things I loved most about Liberty and was the prime example of how I feel leaders should conduct themselves; completely dedicated and authentic to God and to their calling.” –Kaci Weekley; Sophomore, Psychology

7) His commitment to service.
Johnnie was not only the VP for Communications at LU, but he was a visionary for the Church, adversary to injustice johnnie bapand promoter of growth among fellow Christians. He served as an executive at LU but also wrote books, traveled to encourage the Church and volunteered much of his time in order to see others succeed.

“I remember there were those days where he’d say how we were going to spend a little more time in prayer before. I specifically recall really needing that extra time once and really appreciating that he did that.” -Andrea Johnson; Junior, Graphic Design

“Johnnie Moore is a role model for the young and old alike…I always looked forward to seeing and hearing him in Convocation. He never failed to crack a joke or brighten everyone’s morning. His encouragement and passion toward the student body of LU was authentic and inspiring. We’ll miss you, Johnnie!” –Callie Freeman; Junior, Nursing

8) Johnnie’s tweets! (especially around finals)
It was always encouraging to see Johnnie reaching out to the students whether in person or via social media. His tweets were always encouraging- especially around midterms and finals. 

“Johnnie was definitely one of those people that made Liberty what it is. He was a major staple of Liberty culture and will be greatly missed by all of the students.” –Amanda Kleffer; Sophomore, Government

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.02.29 PM9) Dat smile doe…

“Johnnie Moore has a way of connecting with students. With a simple Convocation intro he speaks to 12,000 making them feel as though it’s one on one. He is able shape them into adults while keeping their mind active and youthful enough to reach out to plenty more Children of God.” –Sara Dis; Sophomore, Pre-Med






10) And Finally (and most evidently) Johnnie’s commitment to spiritual development 

Johnnie was much more than an administrative leader, he was a spiritual leader. Whether in Convo or while walking the paths of the campus Johnnie was always encouraging students in their faith.

me and johnnie

“I remember being a CFAW and thinking the ideal of going to a convocation 3 times a week would be miserable. Then my opinion totally changed when I heard johnnie Moore speak for the first time. I remember thinking to myself “if this guy is going to be running convo then doing this 3 times a week won’t be so bad”. He’s made the past 2 years of convocations amazing. I’m going to miss his encouraging prayers and fun personality.” –Allison Stotz; Junior, History

Johnnie, to rob your vernacular, you are among the most influential leaders in the world today. We appreciate everything you’ve done for Liberty University and we rejoice with the influence you will have in Hollywood. 

God gives us a thousand reasons to smile everyday. Christians ought to be happy, not just holy. -Johnnie Moore


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  1. Hannah says:

    This was so beautifully written. This summed up everything Johnnie stands for and does. I can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish now, but he will definitely be missed at Liberty. Thank you for writing this, pictures, quotes and all! So spot on.

  2. Jake says:

    Liberty has changed, but Johnnie has not. He made an everlasting impact on my life while I was there. He will be missed.

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