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A Feminist and A Jew Walk Into A Bar

*The term feminism used in this entry is the traditional pursuit of equality- not matriarchy. Not male bashing but the appreciation of male and female equal coexistence. The contemporary definition of feminism is not associated with this article. 

A woman was crying. Frustrated to tears. The woman, a passionate lover of Jesus and one who identifies as a feminist, was struggling with issues of gender roles. More specifically she was concerned about what society and the Church have suggested about her abilities or permissions. Jesus saw his beloved daughter’s heartache and he pitied her. Jesus met his daughter, embraced her and invited her into sweet and intimate fellowship with him. Around the corner was a pub where she regularly went to evangelize, early enough in the evening to catch people prior to incoherency.  

Jesus said, “it is here that you have shown my love night after night to those who are hurting. Allow me to show my love to you in this sacred place.”

They poured the wine and engaged in discussion. Perplexed as to why Jesus would decree such limitations or social handicaps on women she proceeded to ask him why. 

The woman asked: Jesus, why did you make me so emotionally inclined to the point where it limits my leadership abilities?

Jesus replied: I didn’t, society told you you were. Society told you that emotionalism somehow equates to a lack of ability to reason with sound logic or that emotional inclination somehow makes you weaker than men. Society told you that your emotional side merely assists in helping men, the logical ones (per society), come to a conclusion. Your emotionalism is displayed more than men because your society has told me that they shouldn’t express their emotions. 

If I felt that women were not capable of leading then I would not have made Deborah a judge over Israel leading a counter assault against the evil King Jabin. Read Judges chapter 4. It tells of a great victory for my people over an oppressive tyrant led by Deborah. But make sure to read chapter 5 where Deborah recognizes my love for my people and she points this victory to back to me.

See, I will use you in monumental ways, sweet daughter. I will use you to lead my people, to serve as an advocate for my Kingdom and to inspire others in your jurisdiction. But never forget to rejoice with your people in your victories against evil. 

The woman asked: Jesus, why did you say women cannot preach?

Jesus replied: I didn’t. Some scripture is time sensitive to the culture or behavioral climate of its specific audience. Paul gave instruction on women wearing head coverings in church. We don’t do this anymore, right? Not in MY Church at least.

If I thought women were less capable of preaching my gospel then upon my ascension I would have clarified that only men should go and make disciples…but I didn’t. Nor did I say to go and make like-gendered disciples. I said, “go and make disciples.” If I thought women were less capable of preaching or leading in ministry then I would not have placed Priscilla in a teaching position over Apollos, a man who served as one of my most influential church facilitators in the 1st century.

Also consider my vernacular in John 14. I said that those who are in me will do even greater miracles than I performed on earth. Preaching isn’t miraculous so if I give you my Holy Spirit and if I identify you as one in me then surely you are far beyond capable of preaching with fervor, grace and effectiveness.

Remember, Pentecost obliterated the mountains of hierarchy, leveling all earth beneath the cross to equal path making.

My authority is not to be intimidated by a cultural conflict among those whom I created. Entertaining such elementary affairs only hinders the efforts towards Kingdom advancement, which is what I preached.

The woman asked: Jesus, why are girls supposed to cover up and not guys?

I made you both sexually attracted to each other. You’ll really appreciate that when you’re married. As for the present I do want you to remain pure and abstinent from all sexual immorality- not just procreative sex. As for covering up, I want you both to view each other as beautiful creations of mine. I never intended for you to prey on each other or to objectify each other as resources for pleasure alone. I created you to enjoy each other fully in fellowship, intimacy and love.

As for you having to cover up but not guys- I never said that modesty was isolated to you. That’s another way sin has corrupted society. I see you as beautiful and I see the men I created as beautiful. Men have just as much a responsibility to be modest as you do. Double standards in this area are sometimes a prelude to misogynistic tendencies…a social cancer that should have NO PLACE among my people.

My sweet daughter, view your brothers as men of the Kingdom, not as objects for sexual pleasure. But make sure you’re holding them accountable as well in the way you dress and in the way they treat you. This is a two-way street.

The woman asked: Jesus, why am I afraid to speak?

Jesus answered: Everyone has their shortcomings. But where you fall short I am there. When Moses was unable to talk to Pharaoh I enabled him and met his needs. When Esther was scared to talk to King Xerxes I gave her courage. Both of these heroes delivered my people from oppression.

The woman became more at peace.

Then Jesus said to the woman:

My beautiful daughter,

I knew you before you were created. Before you were created I loved you. I cherished you. I saw your value and I admired you. I rejoiced for you. I cried for you. I saw you as precious and mighty in my sight. I saw that you would be supportive towards ministry but I also saw you leading in ministry. I saw you as strong, wise and capable.

I see you as my bride and I long to romance you every day. I pursued you, I humored you and I made you in my image. I took your sin and made you pure. I know your strengths and I rejoice with how you will use them for my glory. I know your weaknesses and I rejoice with how my Church will strengthen them.

I long to have deep intimate fellowship with you. I want to laugh with you, cry with you, rejoice with you and meet you in your regrets. That is, you are a new creation and I see no sin in your life. I see redemption and I see sanctification. 

You are loved, valued and appreciated. Covered in grace, adopted into royalty by the most high King!


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    • John Wesley Reid says:

      Not really, no. (and before you throw any scripture at me just know that I’ve read it all, believe it to be inspired and infallible but in some cases bias to the time/culture.)

  1. profjmrood says:

    Love it! The Messianic Jewish movement is blazing forward in this realm–they have egalitarian leadership and even are training female rabbis. I never imagined I’d see the day. Maybe I’ll become a rabbi some day, after all. Keep up the good work, John.

  2. Ann Jones says:

    The whole concept of “gender roles” is not biblical. I have never been able to find a description that women are one way and get saved one way, and the men have another way. What amuses me is that the fruits of the spirit seem more “feminine” while the fruits of the flesh are more like what the world calls “masculine.” The Spirit gives gifts as God wills, and I have never seen anything about gender limits. What could the church be now if more than half of it wasn’t told to get back in the kitchen where they belong for 1500 yrs!

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