You’ll Blame the Gun. Will You Blame the Restroom, Too?

When sexual assaults increase in public restrooms due to transgender tolerance, will Obama blame restrooms for these assaults like he blames guns for mass shootings?

No. Nor should he. That would be absurd. Because it’s not the bathroom’s fault. It’s the suspect’s fault.

But then why does he blame a gun, an inanimate object capable of nothing more than looking shiny and beautiful if not in the hands of a person, for the mass murder of innocent citizens? A gun is just as inanimate as a bathroom is. A gun is also as necessary a part of our society as a restroom is.

So if Obama doesn’t blame the restroom for sexual assaults, will he stop blaming guns for shootings? Read more

A Letter From My Deepest Valley

I don’t often have guest bloggers…but when I do they leave me in admiration, challenged to be better in what I do. Today on my blog is Adyson LeClair. I’ve read much of her material over the past year and I have yet to come across such honesty and transparency delivered though such a pure and loving dialect. Read her work and be inspired, be encouraged, and find healing. –JWR

Disclaimer: There is a giant stigma associated with mental health, I hope and pray that my story may help take some of that negative connotation away. This post is my personal struggle with mental health. Everyone’s battle to attain mental health is completely unique and in no way am I attempting to make any generalizations regarding this very touchy subject. This is my story and my personal experience, that I am sharing solely in an attempt to perhaps raise awareness or give someone struggling with mental health the knowledge that they are not alone in this fight.

My name is Adyson, and I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, and Anorexia Nervosa.
These three terms are relatively new to my vocabulary, though I have been dealing with the effects of them for years. 
These things are all silent and extremely misunderstood illnesses. Often times their victims look completely fine or “normal” on the outside, but feel as if they are drowning on the inside. This has been the tune of my song for as long as I can remember. 

It’s extremely difficult to put something that happens almost 100% inside a person’s mind into words on a page. These things can be all-consuming beasts that dig their hooks in so incredibly deep. It is seemingly impossible to comprehend these things if you do not struggle with them personally. I can say whole-heartedly that this has been the biggest trial I have ever had to face. It took my father looking at me and saying,

“it’s like you’re not even my kid anymore” Read more

I Don’t Have To “Test Drive The Car”

“Wait – bruh, you’re telling me you wanna wait till you marry her to have sex? What if she doesn’t fulfill your desires? You don’t buy a car without test driving it first!”

I’ve tangoed in this dialogue many times. Each time it’s equal parts simple and yet exhausting. It’s simple to unravel the grievous logical fallacies used against me, but emotionally exhausting to see how much society has undermined the importance of sexual purity.

So many things are wrong with this analogy.

First, it’s entirely devaluing towards the girl. To be fair, the analogy isn’t comparing the girl to a car, but instead comparing the principals. But even the comparison of principals devalues the girl because it identifies her as something that is only worthy of being cherished if she performs a distant-tiered benefit well enough.

Second, sex is only one part of marriage. There are SO many other aspects to marriage that should be prioritized over sex. You don’t test drive a car for the stereo, right? No. At least you shouldn’t. There are other essentials that must be considered when spending tens of thousands of dollars on a car besides how the stereo sounds.

“What if she isn’t good?” Continue reading here


Dear Pastors, Stop Coddling Your Churches!

I admire the theological greats of the past such as Spurgeon, Edwards, Wesley etc. Why? Because these men were courageous in their preaching. They held scripture with SUCH reverence that the thought of compromise was unheard of. Their messages were based on God’s Word, not man’s desires– and they saw no room to apologize for such conviction.

They were more concerned about preaching truth rather than preaching a culturally palpable man-centered speech. Read more

“So, Would You Recommend A Gay Student Apply to Liberty?”

As a National Recruiter for Liberty University it is not uncommon to be prompted on controversial matters by your prospective students or parents. These circumstances often serve as opportunities to pour into people and show them that you’re a follower of Christ before you’re a college representative. 

Earlier this week I met with a Guidance Counselor of a private, non-sectarian high school in Philadelphia. Before I had much of a chance to share information about Liberty’s majors, athletics etc. she immediately inquired as to how Liberty University, specifically the student body, would react towards a student with same-sex inclinations. Read more

90s feature

90’s Church Celebrities and Where They Are Today

TVWe knew it was going to be fun when we saw this old gem in our Sunday school classrooms.

Such nostalgia makes one wonder what are the cast members of our favorite Church shows doing today?

Wait no longer!

The research has been done and the truth has surfaced! 


mcgeeMcGee, from Focus on the Family’s “McGee and Me,” has since become among the most animate of politicians.  Despite his lead in the polls, many claim that his campaign tactics have been a bit sketchy. While he leads in the GOP primaries, the general election is sure to be a draw. If he does win, it will only be by a hair. Read more

For The Sake Of Your Children, Please Vote

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke

When our liberty, safety, and economic prosperity all hang in the balance, it is then that we have no greater an obligation than to act.

When we consider the global ramifications that materialize from the burdensome state of our nation, it is then that we must awaken from this comatose state of apathy.

Voting has a new meaning in this upcoming election. In the past, voting for a president was simply bridging the gap between their predecessor and incumbent. So as long as the candidate met our basic political inclinations, we showed our support and checked their name.

But this election is different. Read more

Worship Feature LU

Before You Dis That Hipster Worship Band…

“This band is too flashy.”

“This feels more like a concert than a worship service.”

“Are they really singing for God or simply performing?”

At some point or another we’ve all asked these questions. We see the leather shoes, skinny jeans so tight it’s no wonder the dudes sing in such high keys, and of course man buns.

But is such criticism necessary? Appropriate? Biblical? Read more

To the Woman In Church Who’s Addicted to Porn

I’m a dude and I’ve had several of women talk to me about their struggle with pornography. I’ll admit, these conversations were awkward at first since the “I’m addicted to porn” talk is routinely gender-to-gender, not inter-gender. But this discomfort soon left once I recognized why these ladies were talking to me about it and not their female accountability groups.

They were afraid to.

It wasn’t simply a fear of being transparent about a weakness. It wasn’t even a fear of being judged or criticized for it.

This fear was different.

It was a fear of being looked at as bizarre or unusual since, after all, porn addiction was a guy issue. Only guys need to establish boundaries and have that accountability partner on speed-dial for when they feel tempted. And since this battle was a guy’s territory, it would seem unnatural for a girl to combat it.

“I’ll probably be the only one…my leaders won’t know what to do and they’ll have to go to the pastor and I won’t ever be able to serve in ministry…”  Read more

On Christians Publicly Criticizing Christians

We’ve all seen it.

A prominent Christian makes a statement and all Hell breaks loose on social media. Christian dissenters take to Twitter and Facebook with scathing responses with more straw men than in the state of Kansas.

Rarely do we see an informed response with a fair and gracious delivery.

The contrast in the two methods reveals the heart of the responder. If one is truly concerned about bad theological influence then they should do something about it. But hasty rhetoric will not make a difference. The collected, intelligent answer will.

We need more C.S. Lewis’ among the millennial generation. I’m talking about the ability to listen to an opposing position while maintaining a bearing of intellect, fairness, and (brace yourselves) dignity. You don’t have to compromise your position to listen respectfully to another’s.

Lewis was a philosophical ninja.  Read more