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5 Ways the Church Can Do Better During This Election Season

This election season has been bizarre. Watching the debates…yeah, never have I felt such a propensity to laugh, cry, ponder, and punch a kitten all in such short intervals of time. These reactions are convicting for me. I should never want to cry during a presidential debate.

But in all seriousness, it is discouraging to see how the Church is dealing with this historically critical election. To be clear, this blog post is not a call for the Church to step away from politics and instead “just love people,” as some may whimper. Rather, this is a call for the Church to remain aggressive in its political engagement, as is biblically instructed, while doing so in a manner that is acceptable to God and impactful towards man. Indeed, sometimes loving people means fighting for their justice, which is often accomplished through political advocacy.

Take note while considering your social media behavior during this election season:

1. If it’s manipulative, don’t share it.
A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies.”  –Proverbs 14:5
When we share articles that are misleading, deceptive, or flat-out lies, we are lowering ourselves to the same level of deceit as the author. Manipulation is akin to dishonesty, whether we like it or not. We also lose credibility through such tactics.

Also, if you’re right, then you’re right. Why would you have to lie in order to tell the truth? Truth is nullified when supplemented by deceit.  Read more


Actually, Jerry Falwell and Liberty Are Doing Just Fine

Also see Student Body President, Jack Heaphy’s, statement here, and Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell’s, statement here.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone.

It’s a completely different thing to misrepresent them.

In the wake of this historical election, tempers are high. But that fact is no justification to manipulate the truth, otherwise known as lying.

Liberty United Against Trump has done just that by straw-manning their audience into believing their disingenuous rhetoric and producing a written manifesto that severely mischaracterizes Jerry Falwell Jr. Also note that while many social media platforms and news networks have taken this issue viral, these students do not represent the majority of Liberty’s student body. I’m not suggesting the majority favor Trump, but the majority does not feel the way these students feel as in being poorly represented by their university’s president.

Falwell has defended his students’ right to voice their opinion on many occasions, even when their opinions conflict with his. When Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President on Liberty’s campus, a group of students donned red “Stand with Rand” shirts to express their dissent for Cruz’ campaign. Despite the unwelcoming gesture towards our guest, Falwell responded cordially: Read more


In Defense of Christians Voting For Trump, Even After the Leaked Videos

I am a Christian, unapologetic in my faith, with a heart that weeps daily for the Church, and desires for Her to be holy and evident in the world.

I’m also a Trump-supporter.

The combination of those two statements has garnered a retaliation more fierce than what I’ve yet to feel from the Church– and I’m not the only one who has experienced such backlash. It’s been much of the same stuff though: “You support a misogynist!? You support a pig like Trump?” which is over-simplifying things to a galactic degree. We must consider the entire picture of this election. Even as I type this I can hear the backlash and angry/fallacious bites. But please, as I’m being charitable to you, I ask you do the same for me and hear me out completely.

For those who oppose many Christians’ decision to vote for Trump…

I get it. Read more


3 Reasons Why “God Is Still On His Throne” Isn’t Good Enough

People are frustrated with the current election season. Understandably so, since neither of the candidates are cookie-cutter reflections of their respective platforms. But among the Church there’s been trending rhetoric that carries a very disturbing and unhealthy message:

“I’m not voting for either candidate. But it doesn’t matter, since God is still on His throne.”

The latter part of the statement is true, but the context of its use raises great concern. It boasts of apathetic and lazy faith. It dismisses our role in this world to be salt and light, difference makers, and justice seekers. Voting is often done as a means of diffusing injustice, defending life, and establishing moral principles for the generations to come.

Consider the following, and hopefully you will see that the “who cares, God is on His throne” position fails the test of Holy Scripture. Read more

Church, If Hillary Wins In Our Absence, Abortion Is On Us

Amidst the spectrum of critical concerns in the upcoming election is one that stands out as the loudest, bloodiest, and most detrimental of them all. The infanticide that is abortion has served as the most casualty-ridden genocide in global history. Since the jurisprudential nightmare of Roe v. Wade in 1973, America has seen a federally-supported slaughter of nearly 60 million of the very people the Federal Government was established to protect.

This election will either serve to stiffen the infrastructure of abortive policies or it will serve as the greatest possibility of a victory for the pro-life agenda.

Even still, though, there are many in the Church who are refusing to vote or choosing to vote third party, while admitting that the third party will not prevail. In the shadow of what could be a historic pro-life victory where tens of thousands of babies’ lives would be saved every year, a large sect of the Church still refuses to participate. Read more


An Open Letter to Liberty’s Student Leadership

Student Leadership,

Congratulations on your well-deserved appointments! It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm in this year’s student leadership and all the ways you’ve shown support for the student body. Liberty University is a wonderful experience, both collegiately and spiritually, and you get to be a part of this experience for others. God has some amazing things in store for this coming year!

As the new school year approaches you’ve likely felt a combination of conflicting emotions: excitement paired with anxiety, confidence paired with insecurity, and hopes paired with doubts. This is normal. In fact your nervousness is the overflow of your desire to do well. If you had no desire to lead well, the idea of failure wouldn’t matter.

October 1, 2007 I was promoted to Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. This promotion surfaced a spectrum of feelings that, while commonplace for any advancement, deserved much guidance. I felt validated knowing that my hard work had been recognized. But if I’m honest, this sense of achievement materialized into the occasional spell of arrogance. Sometimes I was so caught up in myself that I neglected to focus on the platoon of 60 Marines that had been recently placed in my charge. This happens. You learn. I grew to see different angles by which I should approach leadership. I hope this inspires you to become an even greater leader than you are now.  Read more

5 Things You DON’T Have To Do In College

1. Get drunk
It’s okay, you can read it again. I know it may seem incomprehensible for some to consider a college career void of alcohol but trust me, you can do it. If you can’t, then you’re not even close to prepared for the challenges presented in college. Some argue that they should be given the freedom to put themselves in a stumbling state of inebriation because they’re a responsible adult and can make decisions for themselves. But here’s what happens when you get drunk:

  • Your judgement is impaired.
  • You make yourself vulnerable to other people’s agendas.
  • You also make yourself vulnerable to breaking standards that you’ve prioritized for yourself.
  • You kill brain cells.
  • You set a bad example.
  • You often spend the same amount of money getting drunk that you could have spent feeding yourself for a day or two. And you’re in college…you’re poor. Stop that.

There’s nothing “responsible adult” about any of that.

Also, if you’re at a college that requires you to sign a contract agreeing to abstain from this behavior, then be a responsible adult and follow through with your contractual agreement– your word. It’s extremely immature to invoke “responsible adult” only when it justifies you acting a fool.

2. Lose your virginity
This one is extremely sad. Read more


But Dad, Donald Trump Owned Strip Clubs…

Never have I felt such a paradoxical tension between confidence and reservation. I am supporting Donald Trump in the general election for reasons that really excite me. But I also hold reservations. I also know that someday when my children are reading the history books they’ll read of Donald Trump, his background, and his campaign for presidency. They’ll see how the books will portray him, negatively without any charity towards the good in Mr. Trump.

Thus the conversation is inevitable as to why I, their father who will do everything to raise them grounded in Holy Scripture, voted for Donald Trump.

I get it. While I think he’ll make a fine president, Trump’s social history hasn’t been completely in line with evangelical culture, or Protestant or Catholic for that matter. He has owned, and from what I understand still owns, casinos with strip clubs inside of them. He’s said terrible things to women (and men). He was a bully during his campaign for the GOP nomination. He said he doesn’t see the need to ask forgiveness from God for sin.

So what am I going to say to my children when they ask me how I could vote for Mr. Trump?

Read more

My Kids Will Never Perform Flag-Burning

This morning I woke up to more flag-burning reports, particularly regarding the burnings outside the Cleveland-based Republican National Convention. After being disgusted by a few of these articles, I decided to blog about it today. A few minutes later I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed in my “Facebook memories” archives that one year ago today I posted the following:

I won’t raise my kids to think they have to salute the American flag. I will raise them in a way that they will have no desire to do otherwise. ‪#‎respect

Read more

An Open Letter to Pro-Choice Christians

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! –Isaiah 5:20 ESV

I cannot assume a posture of silence with such a grievous burden upon my heart, my soul. I write this piece cognizant of the contention to follow and thus have intentionally sought my Creator’s heart before publishing it. If you choose to continue reading, please be kind, please be charitable. Read to discover, not to disagree.

For you Christians who identify as pro-choice, how dare you. How dare you bear the name of God while aligning with an agenda that slaughters thousands of His image-bearers ever day. Church, you are the Bride of Christ. If ever a dose of fierce, exhortative accountability were to be rendered towards the rebellious minority among you, that time is now. Read more