Hope for ISIS, Justice for Martyrs

“This is a very difficult topic to take on, in which we have to somehow grasp both the fierce justice of God along with His great mercy.” –Caitlin Bassett; Sophomore (Government), Liberty University

As a Christian I do not find peace wishing for the annihilation of ISIS without first hoping for their salvation. Let me be clear; I am not a pacifist and I genuinely hope that coalition forces swiftly and effectively eliminate the threat of ISIS as they are responsible for crimes against humanity, violating religious freedom and assaulting the sanctity of life. I believe that the actions of ISIS merit a military response which is justified from theological, political and ethical platforms. 

“But you do see, for you note mischief and vexation, that you may take it into your hands; to you the helpless commits himself; you have been the helper of the fatherless. Break the arm of the wicked and evildoer; call his wickedness to account till you find none.” –Psalm 10:14-15, ESV

The recent executions of Christians in the Middle East are deplorable. I grieve with the Church and with the world over these atrocities.

But I also grieve for ISIS.

Today’s evil merits a dual approach of military action and the spreading of the gospel. These terrorists, and I identify them as terrorists with no hesitation whatsoever, have lived a life so corrupted by sin and overcome by evil that they have missed out on the beauty and peace that is found in Jesus Christ. The same peace that our brothers and sisters felt even during their homecomings. 

If we view humanity holistically as image-bearers of God then we should grieve even more so for the ISIS members who died as unbelievers than for those who died as believers. Read more

awk feature

A Christian Guide to Awkward Coupleship

We all have awkward couples on our college campuses. While these sightings may not be isolated to college campuses, they are most definitely the natural habitat for said creatures of awkwardity. And Christian awkward couples are among the most fervent of the breed. Their affection is awkward, their terms of endearment are awkward and we all know that stare. But if we’re honest, it’s adorable. So as a means to encourage my awkward friends who are earnestly seeking Christian awkwardness, I give you A Christian Guide to Awkward Coupleship:

The awkward endearment
For proper, pure and most intimate endearing delivery, consider the holy scriptures. Have you read Song of Solomon? Totes awk. I mean in the first chapter the male lover esteems his female partner by saying, “I compare you, my love, to a mare awk 4among Pharaoh’s chariots.” Given the context you’d think “mare” was gold or jewels since Pharaoh’s had that stuff. No, a mare is a horse. He calls his lover a horse. And this intimate rhetoric worked back then! That’s what married couples did! Their foreplay consisted of calling each other large animals, comparing their anatomy to historic towers, and identifying their beauty to fragments of food…and then they got laid! And this is divinely inspired so you can’t deny it’s legitimacy! It’s just a shame that a man today can’t call his wife a large mammal without getting slapped though his intentions were completely pure. Read more


5 Reasons NOBODY Should Watch 50 Shades of Grey

I abhor 50 Shades of Grey and I will give a charitable explanation as to why in this post. But I want to start by clearing some air. I’m not the voice that opposes kinky behavior. I believe that within the covenant of marriage a couple should be free to practice whatever kink action they desire so as long as it doesn’t involve any additional members, including but not limited to other people, sheep, goats, geese, gerbils etc. and so as long as it doesn’t conflict with either member’s healthy and/or welfare. If said kink involves a couple covering themselves in whip cream, chocolate syrup and calling each other a sundae then by all means have at it! Brings a whole new meaning to spooning. Just make sure the aforementioned products are not expired…that’s gross. All supplementary apparatuses should be cleaned and properly maintained as to avoid mold, rust or other form of erosion. As long as this recreation is not simply served as a means of objectifying pleasure but rather a sign of love and affection, as sex is intended to be, then I say bring on the whips, chains, horse saddles, swing sets…whatever.

Sooo…then what do you oppose about 50 Shades of Grey?

So many reasons. But I’ll keep it at five.

1) 50 Shades teaches guys that “no” means “more”
In the book, Anastasia expresses her opposition towards Christian Grey’s recreational maneuvers. His own desire, however, trumps his concern for her dissent. Is he a complete jerk about it? No! He doesn’t respond with an “oh well, too bad” attitude. Rather he gives a gradual and persuasive response which eventually manipulates her to partake. This is seen so often in society. This story even corrupts the good guys who WOULD respect the girls’ “no.” I mean, she’s going to like it eventually, why not just get it over with now, right? Read more

silent millions

An Open Letter to the Silent Millions

To the silent millions,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Been thinking about where you’d be today, the successes that you’d achieve, the lives that you’d change…and the injustice that prevented it all. Some of you would have been my peers. Some may have been my mentors. Some would be my children’s friends or youth pastors. Many of you would have gone into medical research. I’ve had a handful of loved ones pass from cancer. Maybe one of you could have discovered the cure. Most of you would have been somebody’s wife or husband. Someone’s mother or father. Someone’s grandmother or grandfather. See what I did there? Just by murdering one of you we wiped out an entire family tree. A lineage that could have produced more of the aforementioned.

It’s sad to think that a deliberation among nine justices, those commissioned to be guardians of a law designed to protect the people, resulted in a genocide greater than what history has ever seen.  Read more


4 Reasons Christians Should Not Watch Harry Potter

Let me start in defense mode here. Yes, I am very familiar with the Harry Potter series given my many years as a devoted fan. No, I am not a hypocrite for speaking out against it. I have recognized the errors of my past and hope to surface the same realization in my audience.

The Harry Potter series, whether you read the books or watch the movies, is a detriment to our spiritual, moral, and even social development. 

I believe the Lord allowed me to walk in this darkness so that I gain familiarity with the series and thus be able to deliver a more informed assertion as to why we should avoid it. It’s as if he used me as a spy when I didn’t even realize it. I used to think Harry Potter was safe for Christians to watch, even entertaining. Though I’ll give entertainment props where they’re due, I have sought the scriptures and social research and have developed 4 reasons why Christian parents should avoid letting their children participate in this witchcraft infested series.

1) When we let our kids watch Harry Potter, we encourage their attempts to fly on a broomstick.
broom 1University of Notre Dame recently published a study that revealed a sobering reality. Since the release of the first Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, a rapid incline in attempted broom flying related deaths has been recorded nation wide. The alarming stats revealed indisputable escalation during the months surrounding each movie release. Chair of Notre Dame’s center for Fantasy-Reality Relations, Al Dumble, expressed his concern for this social enigma and described the source as apathetic:

richard“I blame the parents. The stats are clear, the timing is too convenient to be coincidence and all along while we stroke our beards and analyze the data, kids are dying. What’s worse is the apathy shown by the parents. They just sweep the issue under the rug because they know that putting the kids in front of the movie will keep them quiet.”

I work with a lot of young adults in ministerial capacities and I can say confidently that this generation is the generation that changes this world for the better. Let’s not allow the following generation to fade out for a silly, avoidable reason. Don’t let your kids attempt broom flying. Don’t let your kids watch Harry Potter. Read more


A Dude’s Response to Propel Women Week

I won’t lie. When I heard that Liberty scheduled a week to promote women in leadership I subtly cringed. Not because I oppose women in leadership, but if we’re honest these pro-women symposiums often boast messages delivered through a “male-bashing” dialect and a syntax consistent with secular feminism.

But at the same time I was optimistic. Knowing that Christine Caine was spearheading this initiative gave me a hope that this conference would be different.

And in this case, optimism took the victor.

Students at Liberty University had the distinct privilege of hearing speakers from, literally, across the world speak the powerful truth of Jesus into their lives. Among these speakers were Christine Caine, Beth Moore, and Terry Crist with worship leaders Kari Jobe and her husband Cody Carnes.

What I like best about this event is what it wasn’t

It wasn’t a men-bashing blood bath

It didn’t promote secular feminism

It didn’t push a subtle agenda of female dominance

It didn’t diminish female femininity

It didn’t defame stay-at-home mothers

Yes, I like what it “wasn’t” the most because no matter how much truth and inspiration you pack into a well delivered message, it will always be undermined if the above list is also present.

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Some men feel uncomfortable in these events. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. Maybe it’s because we’re so saturated in a male-dominant environment that when we hear a woman speak with power and authority we feel out of place. If it was me 4ish years ago I would be that guy. But I’ve learned over the years to respect, appreciate and encourage gender equality in all aspects.

Especially when it comes to ministry.

I am greatly disturbed with the idea that women, who are just as equipped, willing and passionate for the Great Commission as men, would be restricted from following where they feel God has called them. Even more so, I feel for those who would not hear these women speak because they were restricted.  Read more

Piper feature

Piper Exposed: Top Theologian Fan of Taylor Swift

Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe the recently unfolding truths of top-dog theologian John Piper’s obsession with Taylor Swift. The story first unfolded when Charis Smith, a custodian working late at Bethlehem Baptist Church, thought she heard odd sounds coming from Jerusalem, a pseudonym used to identify Piper’s gigantuous office. At first Smith passed it off as indigestion within the buildings ventilation system but upon closer observation she grew more and more concerned about the disturbing noise. Smith daringly opened the gates to Piper’s office and encountered the life-changing site. Between sobs, Smith explains her experience:

“Dancing…he..he was dancing. And music and…I think he was trying to learn the choreography to her new music video! I knew it was trouble when I walked in…”

charisAs a means of self-therapeutic relief Smith blogged about her experience in hopes that the public expression would release her of internal conflict.

“Yes. Yes, I listen to Taylor Swift, I admit it. See, for me it’s a means of meditation. I listen to her music, the lyrical brilliance and the romantic drama and it just…just soothes me of any and all distractions. When you have my notoriety life is non-stop. Plus I mean really, who doesn’t like Teardrops On  My Guitar!? Truth is, guys, every sermon I’ve preached since 2006 was prepared with her serenading me in the background.” –John Piper

Rob BellLong awaiting the opportunity to fire back at Piper, controversial pastor Rob Bell was fearless to tweet, “Farewell, John Piper” in response to Piper’s legendary 2011 tweet “Farewell, Rob Bell,” a stiff reaction towards Bell’s controversial book, Love Wins, which boasts a strictly rhetorical idea that Universalism could by chance, maybe, possibly but nobody knows for certain but actually could be a thing, as his book attempts to explain through a plethora of run-on sentences. Read more

March feature

Liberty University Leads D.C. March For Life


5 girlsOn January 22nd 145 students from Liberty University led a mass of over half a million through the streets of our nation’s capitol advocating for those who cannot represent themselves. March for Life is an annual event where activists from all over the nation congregate in D.C. to protest the holistic immorality that is abortion.

“Today I was astounded by the hundreds of thousands of people, male and female, of all ages and races who were just as passionate about being a voice for the unborn as I am. There are no words to describe the feeling of being surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ standing up for what we believe and following God’s command to be a voice for those who cannot speak.” Samantha Seelig; Freshman, Music Education

I am so thankful for Liberty University.
For many reasons really. Though many Christian schools are doing good things for the world Liberty’s gospel message often speaks through a unique dialect of political influence. While many agree that abortion is wrong, LU students go beyond that declaration by spreading awareness, visiting abortion clinics in a manner that is Christ-like towards the mothers, and participating in events such as March for Life.

But it doesn’t stop there. Read more

nasser plain

Nasser Invited A Democrat To Convo!?…I’m Wearing Black

If there was ever a time to don our gothic attire laced in blood, copious layers of black and enough eyeliner to put Peter Furler of the Newboys to shame…that time is now. On January 12th Liberty University published their Convocation schedule, an announcement highly anticipated each semester by the student body to see who they will be mandatorily forced to listen to on pain of death in the form of a $10 fine dare they skip. The list of speakers prompted the typical gripes of some students who may find slight theological variances with the speakers (read: “Heresy! HE said a woman can be a pastor…waaaahh”) But these differences are generally settled via social media rants where students cordially discuss with transparency and utmost civility. Essentially this method of theological reconciliation is a modern day council; except instead of Church leaders and biblical scholars the council is primarily made up of undergraduates with a few theology courses under their belt, and instead of intentional discourse, dialogue is validated based on who gets the most “likes” on their Facebook comment. Again, this is routine.

But then…there it was
Among the pastoral, political and entertainment notoriety was likely the most preposterous initiative ever taken by Liberty University. A DEMOCRAT has been scheduled to speak at our Convocation! And not just some speKiss bandaker who happens to align with a liberal worldview– no, a politician! The Nerve! Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a man whose liberal views fall in staunch contrast to Liberty’s unapologetically conservative views, will be speaking to the vast majority of our student body including faculty and staff during what we consider one of Liberty’s most hallowed of powwows. The calamity!! He’s scheduled to speak March 23rd. Wear your black folks and let me tell you it better look like a Kiss concert in there!

David Nasser
We all know that everything bad that happens is obviously the fault of David Nasser so let’s just assume for a minute that he’s behind this one too. Which reminds me, David, I don’t like snow…and it snowed today. What the heck, dude!? You can’t just move to Lynchburg and start changing things without asking the student’s permission! Okay but seriously why would our leaders allow someone with substantially opposing views come to inspire our students with his pro-choice and everything else leftist rhetoric? Read more


I’m A Virgin. You’re Not. Should We Still Date?

To preface, it is imperative that we approach such a sensitive topic with grace, mercy and understanding. This topic has a tendency of surfacing feelings of guilt and shame in people’s hearts. To you I say, if you have repented…


The scandalous power of the cross has redeemed you and repositioned your sin so far from you that your past literally doesn’t have a chance in Hell at impeding the Father’s intimate love for you. You are a new creation, covered in grace, adopted into royalty and you have been assigned a beautiful purpose by a perfect creator. 

I hope you feel safe engaging this post and that it leaves you feeling encouraged and challenged.

So, let’s dive in to the

I waited, why didn’t you?

Read more