Maybe Refugees Are The Best Thing For America

So many people have been delivering their less-than compassionate opinions of the Syrian Refugee crisis. And by opinions I mean they find a clever meme image that holds no depth and is completely manipulated. I get that you’re entitled to an opinion but considering the sensitivity of this issue would it really hurt you to do even a little bit of research, out of respect for the tens of thousands of innocent lives lost? 

Apparently it is too much to ask. Because we’re entitled. And that’s the problem with America.

Christian nation…
Many Christians and Republicans get bent out of shape when the 10 commandments get taken down from a court house wall. They say “America is losing Christianity.” As a devout Christian I don’t like seeing the 10 Commandments, crosses etc taken down.

But America doesn’t lose its Christianity when God’s law is taken off the walls of a court house. America loses its Christianity when God’s law is taken off the hearts of His people. And when Christians can sit back in their air conditioned homes, fed, taken care of, loved, safe…and have the nerve to say “we don’t want you here”…that’s far more of an assault to the gospel than the Supreme Court allowing gay marriage. And I’m highly opposed to gay marriage. Read more

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In Defense of Joshua Feuerstein

Let’s all put our swords away for a quick minute.

No, I’m not suggesting you clam up, or silence your opinion. I’m just saying let’s allow some time for cordial discourse here.

The “war on Christmas” has taken an odd turn this year, much to the credit of Joshua Feuerstein, social media personality and online pastor. To sum up, Josh is notorious for his outspoken opinions and abrasive delivery. Josh’s ultra-fundamental rhetoric has opened the flood gates of hateful repercussion on a number of occasions, while being picked up by high-volume social media platforms to further expose his ideologies.

His most recent controversy, #merrychristmasstarbucks, a campaign to go inside Starbucks and tell them your name is “Merry Christmas” so that they’re forced to put it on their cups, has spawned an eruption of backlash from…well, everyone. Christians, including myself, took it personally because we felt that the message didn’t communicate the heart of Jesus, which is a concern since it came from a Christian pastor.

I am not a fan of this agenda.

At all.  Read more


I’m A Christian, I’m A Republican, And I’m Not Boycotting Starbucks

Starbucks takes snowflakes off of their cups and Christians boycott them for taking Christ out of Christmas.


They took down snowflakes.

Holy Mary, Joseph, and a camel!!

Are we seriously crying about this!? And furthermore, are we seriously equating this apostasy to taking Christ out of Christmas?

You do realize, dear Christian, that the logic of your boycott follows that Jesus is a snowflake, right? And the theological implications get reeeeally weird when you consider the incarnation, penal substitutionary atonement, trinity, death, burial and resurrection…

The ironic thing about this odd logical equation is that not only is Starbucks NOT taking Christ our of Christmas, but given the marketing migration of their snowflakes, they’re now wearing Jesus on their sleeves!! Yes! The snowflakes have fallen from the cup to their cardboard sleeve. Jesus is still alive and well!

Starbucks isn’t taking Christ out of Christmas…for a few reasons.

  1. Jesus isn’t a snowflake.
  2. A cup isn’t Christmas.
  3. Starbucks has never celebrated Christmas to begin with thus they can’t take away from their celebration since there was no celebration to begin with. One does not simply take away from that which does not already exist…except the Federal Reserve, they’re pros.

Look folks, Jesus’ throne isn’t based in Seattle, or on a cute red cup. It’s in Heaven. Jesus’ power isn’t shaken by materialism. Take a snowflake off of a cup, and He’s still reigning supreme. A real reason to be upset would be if a Church took it’s crosses down, non-profits lost their tax-exemptions, or if Kanye West makes it to the primary.

Jesus isn’t offended that snowflakes fell from Starbucks cups. Jesus is offended that snowflakes were ever equated with his birth. Read more

LU 2

Liberty University’s Political Posture Is Key In Gospel Mission


It was recently announced that Liberty University is the presumed candidate to host the GOP Primary Debate taking place this coming January (read here). Liberty has long been reputable for their political awareness and an unapologetic proclivity towards conservative principles. But due to their establishment as a liberal arts institute they are firmly committed to teach objectively as a means of avoiding indoctrination. In affirmation of this sanders jerseygoal, Liberty recently hosted Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to speak to an audience of near 14,000 students and staff about his liberal agenda given a victorious campaign. Despite the staunch conflict in beliefs the students were very respectful.

Liberty University has also hosted political figures such as Michelle Bauchman, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, who used Liberty’s stage as a platform to announce his presidential campaign.

But why?

Why would the largest Christian university in the world be so concerned with politics?

Shouldn’t they be concerned with missions?

Shouldn’t they be concerned with being theologically savvy?

Shouldn’t they be concerned about feeding the poor?

And for goodness sake why do they feel as if their convictions have ANY place in a State clearly separated from the Church!?

The answer is simple.

With a heart for the world comes a heart to reach the world. Read more

SC Cop

Another Cop Fired- Is This What You Want, America?

Once again, a cop is video taped by a youngster who is likely anti-cop to begin with and now the tape goes viral exposing the cop as racist and abusive. I generally give the officer the benefit of the doubt when these videos surface but this time around I was furious with what I saw. It wasn’t until I looked into the case that I realize that, again, the cop has been misrepresented. I can only blame the video taper so much for her attitude. She’s simply a product of her environment. Her parents are likely anti-cop as well. Her friends probably spit the same rhetoric and influence her to do the same. I’m not saying she’s right, she’s very wrong. But no matter the influence, you can never override truth. Never. Truth is not relative. Most of these anti-cop videos are short, doctored clips that provide no context. But we have a full video with context this time!

But did it make a difference?


Because people don’t care about truth. They want to push their agenda even if it means staring at hard evidence and spitting in its face.

You can twist the narrative all you want but in the end the truth still stands and there is NOTHING you can do to change it.  Read more


5 Questions To Ask Before Dating in College

This is not a message intending to discourage students from dating in college. Many committed marriages come from college. Rather it is a means of critiquing the process and possibly expedite finding the right person while avoiding much of the wreckage along the way. And while some may feel that my credentials (being 30 and single) don’t qualify me as an authority on the matter, I believe logic and maturity serve as a credible platform. This is also written from a Christian perspective.

So, when you have a crush and you’re debating whether to move forward consider these questions to help filter the process.

1. Are they into you or the idea of you?
It’s completely normal and healthy to desire companionship. We want love, affirmation, intimacy and to be committed to. But these desires are inherent to us and thus can cause great damage if toyed with. Make sure your person of interest is in it for you, and not just for themselves using you as a means to a personal end of fulfillment. Until they desire you for you, they will not be fully satisfied NOR will they understand what it means to love back.

With slogans such as ring by spring, MRS degree, and Bae by May (I came up with that one, thank you very much), young adults may often feel pressured to adopt the notion that they must marry sooner than later. This presents a host of problems:

a) It objectifies a spouse as a goal, as opposed to a lifelong partner.
Checks in the box are temporary and generally serve as a means to an end. But marriage is not a means to an end, it is a union designed to last until the end. Read more

guy gurl 2

6 Traits Every Godly Man Should Seek In A Girl

“What do you look for in a girl?”

“She’s gotta be totally on fire for the Lord, dude.”

While this is a great start, the answer should go far beyond that. Romantic pursuit should always hold the presupposition that marriage is the long term potential, else you subject yourself to inevitable heartache, and furthermore the girl you are pursuing. Remember, this is a daughter of the most-high King. The delicacy and respect shown her should be of your utmost behavior– because even that doesn’t compare to that shown her by the Father. This is the woman who you may be spending the rest of your life with and the mother to your children. Remember, this is a blog, not a PhD dissertation. More can be said about this topic for sure. Consider the following as traits that indicate a godly woman:

1. She does not tolerate sin.
Tolerance paves the way for destruction. Once one tier of sin is tolerated, the concern grows numb. Then what would have been a more severe sin originally now seems superfluous, thus it too is tolerated and so the cycle continues. A relationship centered on Christ should yield full allegiance to the Holy Spirit and as such will take conviction seriously.

Condemnation is different than conviction. Condemnation tells us that our sin makes us unworthy. Conviction tells us that because of Christ, we ARE worthy and are therefore called to a much greater lifestyle than that of sin.

Her desire should never be to seek what she can get away with, but rather to seek holiness. And as your companion, she should daily challenge you to do the same.

2. She points you to the Cross, and kneels before it with you.
We’re men, we have some major pride issues that often manifest in subtle self-help ways. When we’re angry, we want revenge. When we’re stumped, we want to figure it out ourselves. And when we’re spiritually exhausted, the struggle is real to admit it. A godly girl will recognize this and point to the only true remedy to our weakness, the Cross. She recognizes the sanctifying and restorative grace that flows from it and desires that it be made real in her partner’s life.

But she doesn’t simply point to the Cross, she accompanies the journey and kneels reverently with her companion before it while rising in sanctification together. Read more

blood moon

What the Blood Moon Taught Us About Conspiracies

Well, now that the blood moon is gone and we’re still here I think it’s safe to conclude that, once again, an apocalyptic prediction has proven to be a failed conspiracy. Side note: perhaps God planned this blood moon to be on a Sunday just so we’d suffer a double wammy when we realize 1) we indeed did not get ushered into eternity and 2) it’s Monday. Touche to the Almighty!

But real quick, what’s going on with this blood moon thing anyway? What is a blood moon? And why is this blood moon so much more significant than the blood moons of the past? What’s the story? If you know, feel free to skip the following paragraph.

September 27-28, was the final of a four-part series of lunar eclipses called a lunar tetrad. A lunar tetrad occurs when four total lunar eclipses happen consecutively, that is, this sequence is not interrupted by any partial eclipses. This is rare, thus it is cool. It’s also romantic, if the stars so align for you (pun most desperately attempted with full acknowledgement of its lameness). A blood moon occurs when a total eclipse simultaneously appears with a super moon– the point at which the moon’s orbit is closest to earth and appears approximately 8% larger. While the moon is obscured in the earth’s shadow, the light from the sun reflects off the circumference of the earth rendering a slight reddish hue to the moon. This is rarer, thus is it cooler, and thusser it is romanticer. But what makes this lunar tetrad significant is that each of the four eclipses landed on Jewish holidays (Passover, April 15, 2014; Sukkot, October 8, 2014; Passover, April 4, 2015; and Sukkot, September 28, 2015). So? Well, this event has been associated with eschatological narrative (end times stuff). Advocates for signs of the end times have focused in on a few biblical passages that have taken the spotlight from other apocalyptic literature (more end times stuff). These passages include: Read more


Ben Carson’s Right About A Muslim President, The Constitution Says So

Just when we thought the kind, lovable, soft-spoken and brilliant neurosurgeon was untouchable by the left, the media has finally found some dirt on Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. As per the usual, the liberal media has scoped in to find something to burn a conservative on.

“John, conservatives do the same thing to liberals!”

True, but when conservatives do it we’re usually talking about mishandling documents vital to national security, breaching the parameters of the Constitution, impeding on religious freedom, fabricating the accounts of an attack on a U.S. embassy that left the ambassador and four U.S. service members dead after they requested defensive support that was sluggishly authorized etc. But hey, a Republican candidate phrases something in a way you don’t like and BLAM he’s ousted! That’s called a double-standard. It’s called other things, too.

Anyway, let me throw a few disclaimers out there that will hopefully gain me some favor from the liberal community:

-I’m a die-hard Republican. (Now you reeeally hate me!) Sorry, I’m not into mass infanticide.

-I strongly oppose the notion that all Muslims are terrorists. (Oh, now you hate me only a little bit.) I have too many friends who identify as devout Muslims…and we set off firecrackers together…and I’m still alive…so.

-I don’t subscribe to the belief that Obama is a Muslim. (wow! Now you may even like me a little!) But neither do I believe that his life reflects his self-proclaimed religion of Christianity because of his honesty issues, his support of a 50 million+ victim genocide…can you tell I’m pro-life?

-Regarding a Muslim president, I am completely on board with Dr. Carson (aaaand you hate me again.) But you probably don’t realize what Dr. Carson and I mean, because you probably don’t care. Whatever, you’ve made it this far- stick around for some more truth!

So what did Dr. Carson actually say? Does he actually believe that Muslims should NOT be President? Read more


5 Trends Christian Millennials MUST STOP Doing

Disclaimer: While most of my material is soft in delivery, there is a time and a place for a strict and assertive approach. I found this to be an appropriate time for such.

Recently a video went viral with a message about what Christians are not. Typical trendy rhetoric followed that while perhaps had good intentions in breaking down the barrier between the Church and the world, the message was very problematic: “I’m a Christian and I’m queer. I’m a Christian and I like Beyonce.” A very well written critique to the video can be found here. This piece is not a critique of the video but rather a holistic response to young Christian millennials who often sacrifice their Christian values for the sake of being relevant to the world. I will remind you, oh beloved children of God, that Jesus himself said that the world will hate you because of your love for Him. You can love the world like Jesus loves the world and still be hated. It’s not your fault, so don’t change your method. Your advocacy for Christ should never come at the expense of your relationship with Him. Here are 5 ways that many Christian millennials are hurting their delivery of the gospel to a world that desperately needs it.

1) Tolerance
Tolerance flies in the face of the gospel because it is apathetic both to brokenness and holiness, and when we don’t recognize our brokenness then we will never recognize our need for holiness…and thus Jesus becomes, at best, superfluous. Millennials have it in their minds that hating people’s sin means hating the individual. This message is due in part to the liberal media but many young Christian millennials sing the same tune. Instead of hating sin for the separation that it causes between us and God, they accept the sins of others in the name of “loving them for who they are.”

But the problem with that is when we accept people for who they want to be, we neglect the people that Jesus made them to be.

Jesus was the prime example of love, but never does He display an ounce of tolerance. (see: Jesus, The Epitome of Intolerance) Indeed the cross was proof of His intolerance. What type of tolerance prompts a king to step off his throne to die for his people? Tolerance was never part of the story! The gospel does not boast “come as you are, stay as you are” but rather “come as you are TO BE RESTORED!”

We don’t get to make up the narrative here, folks! The story has already been written- and it is beautiful! Read more